about us


We are Lisa and Jonathan, two wind chasers / kitesurf addicts from Germany and Colombia. And we want to share our passion with you guys..



Jonathan Del Valle Ferrer

from Riohacha, Colombia

29 years old

addicted since 2009


Lisa Gondesen

from Flensburg, Germany

29 years old

addicted since 2013

Praia Kitesurf is an evolving project, that we started in 2015 while travelling in Brazil (the name ‘praia’ comes from the Brazilian word for beach). We began working as a mobile kite school throughout Colombia, Ecuador and Peru with our own renovated DHL truck. We had adapted it to our needs with the help of Lisa’s uncle Tom in Germany, with comfortable living space in the front and a big storage space in the back. We spent an amazing year in several different spots in these three countries. 

But in the end: home is where the heart is. There simply is no place just like Cabo de la Vela, Colombia, which is where we both met 4 years ago. Riohacha had always been our home base, and it is the place where we start our Kite Expeditions and Kite Trips from. It's the best access point to explore the department of La Guajira with its numerous still unknown kite spots.


We are available for kite lessons and rental locally in Riohacha, and organise kite trips in La Guajira to spots as Cabo de la Vela, Punta Gallinas and more. 

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