Cabo de la Vela

Imagine a place with guaranteed strong wind everyday almost all year around, flat and shallow water, fresh fish and lobster for dinner and an extraordinary view of the stars at night. That’s Cabo!


It’s the perfect place to take some advanced lessons and have a photoshoot of your jumps and tricks. Beginners are happy to always be able to stand in the shallow water and ride their first meters in flat water. 



This arid place is blessed with wind all year round. It’s located in Colombia’s extreme North, a 3 hour 4x4 drive from Riohacha through the desert. From there it is another 70 km until the northernmost point of Southamerica: Punta Gallinas.


In Cabo de la Vela you can take a few hikes: to the Devil’s cove for snorkelling, to the hill ‘Pilon de Azucar’ with a great view and to the lighthouse for the sunset.

Almost all of its inhabitants are Wayuu (it’s protected territory of the indigenous Wayuu) who are in charge of the tourism business there, from transportation to hotels and restaurants.


They speak their own language Wayuunaiki and have a rich culture and many traditions, for example their handcrafted mochila bags and chinchorros (huge hammocks).


  • Wind season: all year, less in September/October 
  • Perfect for: beginners, intermediate and advanced
  • Wind direction: off shore
  • Wind strength: 20 to 35 knots
  • Most used kites: 5 - 7 - 9 m
  • Water conditions: flat and shallow
  • Water temperature: 21 to 28 °C

Wind forecast for the next 4 days

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