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We have several different packages for you. Check them out below:

kitesurf discovery course

kitesurf discovery course

duration: 2 hours

private lessons 

included: full equipment, transportation,  IKO certificate


You’re not sure yet if this sport is for you? This 2 hour session gives you a taste and focuses on getting a feel for the kite.

You will do the following:

  • Get to know the equipment
  • Safety Rules
  • Kite control on the beach
  • Body drag
  • Get up on the board

After finishing the 2 hours session, you will receive your IKO Member Card, which indicates your accomplished level. You can also update to the full kitesurf course.



advanced lessons

advanced lessons

duration: 2 hours

only private lessons

with or without kite equipment


The best part about kiteboarding? There is always room for more…the sky is the limit.

If you are looking for advanced lessons, you probably have already reached a certain kiteboarding level. In advanced lessons, we can teach you a whole lot of cool stuff, you name it:

  • Transitions
  • Recover somebody’s board
  • First jumps
  • Higher jumps
  • Heart attack and 313
  • You get the point, this list is endless… 

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