full kitesurf course  -  let's start from zero!

  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Options: private lessons or in group of two

In this 10-hour-course (divided into three parts) you will learn everything you need to know about safety, equipment, kite control and techniques with the goal to get you up and riding on the board at the end.

Depending on each person's ability, this is the general plan of the course:

Part 1

  • Get to know the equipment
  • Safety Systems
  • Kite control on the beach
  • Explore the Wind Window 
  • Launch and Land

Part 2

  • Set up on your own
  • Self Landing and Self Rescue
  • Body Drag Downwind
  • Body Drag Upwind

Part 3

  • Body Drag with the board
  • Water Start Introduction
  • Right of Way Rules
  • Just ride!

This course is following the standards of the International Kiteboarding Organisation - short IKO - and covers the levels Discovery and Intermediate. Here you can find the full length official IKO lesson plan.


After finishing the 10 hours, you will receive your IKO Member Card, which indicates your accomplished level. It is possible to take this course in private lessons or groups of two (2 students with 1 kite).

full kitesurf course

duration: 10 hours

private lessons or in group of two

included: full equipment, buoyancy aid, helmet and IKO certificate


If committing to a 10 hour course is too much for you, have a look at our other packages.

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