So, you want to learn how to kite?

Are you sure about that though? Really sure? ... Because it’s going to change your life!

Or it already has…and you want to get some more of the pure bliss you feel when you’re on the water. 

Kitesurfing sure is an incredible (and incredibly popular) extreme sport. Easy and fast to learn and to progress, it combines the force of the wind, the beauty of nature and the ocean, the adrenaline of speed and the sensation of flying into an unique experience - please excuse the poetic outburst!

Our philosophy

Our philosophy at Praia Kitesurf is to teach in a safe and secure manner, while giving you an enjoyable experience full of adrenaline. 

Our instructors

Our instructors are IKO certified and have the experience to adapt to each person's abilities and knowledge. We teach in English, German and Spanish.

Our equipment

Our equipment is new and at the top of the sports safety standards. We work with the brands F-ONE, MANERA and FLYSURFER. 

Take it from the start with a full kitesurf course,

do a shorter taster course or just rent out kite gear…

we have several options:

praia kitesurf full course colombia

Full Kitesurf Course

praia kitesurf lessons and courses colombia

Other Lessons and Courses

praia kitesurf equipment rental

Equipment Rental

Don’t worry, if you are not so comfortable with the ocean or extreme sports and thinking about Kitesurfing scares you a bit. Kitesurfing is a sport for pretty much everyone. With our instructors by your side, going through all the steps at your pace, you will feel safe at all times. During the lesson, you will wear a buoyancy aid and a helmet. In Cabo de la Vela you will also take your kitesurfing lessons in the best conditions in Colombia: Flat water and steady wind.

praia kitesurf kids lessons

... by the way ...


We also teach kids as young as 10 years! And you would be astonished how fast they progress!


This is Jonathan's nephew Andres (5 years) during his first tries on a small trainer kite.

Praia Kitesurf

Escuela de Deportes Náuticos

Riohacha, La Guajira, Colombia


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