Kite Expedition Cabo de la Vela

4 nights, 5 days, unlimited adrenaline

The Kite Expedition to Cabo de la Vela takes you to Colombia’s No.1 kitespot, with reliable wind and flat and shallow water. It’s a ‘no worries’ package that lets you focus on learning to kite or simply enjoying the unique spot. Read more about Cabo de la Vela here.


We pick you up early in your hostel in Riohacha and drive about 3 hours in northern direction to Cabo de la Vela. Right in the afternoon, we begin with your kite lessons and then distribute them across the following days.  

What's included:

  • 10 hours full kitesurf course
  • or unlimited equipment rental
  • accommodation in chinchorro
  • breakfast
  • bottled water
  • excursions
  • private transportation
  • pick-up from your hostel
  • IKO Member Certificate 

A typical day in Cabo de la Vela

  • Getting up with the sun 
  • Early morning activity and breakfast
  • Kite lessons starting around 11 AM 
  • Lunch and relax time 
  • Next kite lessons around 3 PM
  • At night fresh seafood, beers and the moon

Side Activities


In the mornings we can take a hike (or a motorbike ride) to the nearby hill ‘Pilon de Azucar’ with a great view over the landscape.

Or watch the beautiful desert sunrise, explore the Devil’s Cove and go snorkelling for lobsters there. 

Your Accommodation


You will be staying in chinchorros (huge comfy hammocks) in a traditional Posada/Rancheria, right in front of the spot. Tutorial on how to sleep best included!

If you still prefer a room, this is available too at an additional cost.

Staying in a desert village brings you back to basics, there is little energy and water, so be prepared.

Kite Expedition Cabo de la Vela

3 to 5 nights with different options:

1) 10 hours of lessons

2) equipment rental

4) trip only

accommodation in shared or private room and longer stays available. 


What to know before you go:

  • Bring waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses, board shorts and if possible a lycra or long-arm shirt.
  • There little water and electricity, no ATMs and no Wifi, we’ll just unplug for a while!
  • Let us know if you have any special food requests, we try to make everything work!


  • During wind season from December until May
  • We are leaving about three times a month, or every time there are 3-6 people interested.
  • It is possible to personalise the duration or itinerary for an interested group.
  • Contact us for availability before proceeding with the booking!

Praia Kitesurf

Escuela de Deportes Náuticos

Riohacha, La Guajira, Colombia


(0057) 321 802 2227


* all prices in US Dollars

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